My Straight Twin Sister

This is Leslie Carbajal, shes 15 and shes not really my twin sister.. we just happen to look alike.


Leslie is one of my good friends and I wanted her to be in my blog so that not only I can know her and understand her better but so can everyone else. At first when I had asked her what makes her happy, she was giving me not as detailed and deep answers; it was more like “my friends make me happy and so does food” but that wasn’t what I was looking for. Then I realized this is her story not mine so I appreciated her for what she had said.

“What makes me happy are all of the little things. As in getting out of the shower and having that fresh feeling or being able to have thought about a nice outfit in my head and once I actually put it on it comes out how I had envisioned it. It’s family that puts a smile on my face, being able to connect and just always being real with each other and not being somebody we aren’t. Even my friends, they make me happy too, even though they are a pain in the ass they’re brutally honest and that’s what I love about them. They know how to make me laugh and whenever i’m with them I always have a good time.”


I’m pretty sure that I’m one of those brutally honest friends, but it’s okay because there isn’t anything wrong with being honest. I rather be really super honest than to lie straight into your face… haha get it straight, something i’m not. I’m dumb.. okay anyways this is what Leslie has to say about what she loves about herself.


“One of the things that I love about myself is my sense of humor, because I feel that I can lift up anyone’s spirit up with the way I joke around. Although I hate it I gotta love it for what it is, and that’s my hair. It’s long and thick and so many people would love to have my hair so even though its a pain in the ass, and I appreciate it for what it is. I’m still learning how to love myself for who I am, but I think something else that I really love about myself is my smile. I think that for someone who’s never had braces my teeth are pretty straight.”

I had just met Leslie my freshman year and I honestly learned some stuff about her. Being able to love yourself is hard, it’s not something that happens over night. But I know she will get there and once it happens it’s such a great feeling. This is Leslie Carbajal :))



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