Who is D.R.S ?

This is Desirae Riana Sanchez, she’s someone I can really trust and someone I can really get a good laugh with. I have really learned a lot about her this year and we happened to get really close over time; but I wanted to figure out who she really is. What makes her Desirae ? There’s always more than what you just see in the pictures.

I’ve had conversations with Desirae before, and those conversations have really opened my eyes on self love. And it’s one of the reasons that made me want to put her in my blog, but we can talk about that after this. For now this is what she has to say on her happiness and what makes her happy.


“I’m happiest when i’m alone by myself.. actually no that sounds depressing, let me rephrase that. I’m happiest when i’m in my own space. I find it hard to be my true self at times with my family or friends and even with myself. So being on my own time gives me some sense of sanity because I dont need to keep things bottled. Although I do love time to myself I also love the thrill of life that gets thrown at me whether its being with friends or family.”

Being around Desirae is always fun so she better have some type of joy being around this beautiful soul.. kidding. or am I? Anyways asking her these questions really gives me excitement because I think that someone talking about what they love about themselves is so nice because it’s like “yessss girllllyy love yourself, no man (or women) needs to be in your life to make you feel beautiful and loved.” I could tell she dreaded answering this question but i’m happy I got something out of her, so this is what Desirae loves about herself.


“What I love about myself is that i’m able to take other peoples feelings and insecurities into consideration; because I know how it feels to be brought down by others and even brought down by myself. I love that I can be there for others and be someones shoulder/support. I’m that person to surprisingly to text you randomly because I notice that you are’t well whether they show it in person or through social media.”

Hearing what she had to say makes me happy but also upset because she doesn’t realize the true beauty that she has within her. And it sucks because this society now and days revolve around the people they see on social media. So girls especially put themselves down just because they don’t have an hour shape glass body. Hopefully one day Desirae will be able to love herself for who she is, because able to accept everything that comes with her because whether she realizes it or not, myself and many other people see the beauty in who she really is. This is Desirae Riana Sanchez.



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