Lil Baby Lion

This is Victoria Reyes, but all of her friends (including myself) call her Vicky. Before I had even asked Vicky to be in my blog she had told me that she wanted to be in it but the only problem was that she isn’t photogenic. But that didn’t stop me from being able to get cute pics 🙂


Asking Vicky what makes her happy made her realize that the question isn’t as easy as it sounds. It really makes you think. When she told me what made her happy she said that it sounds depressing and sad, but honestly it doesn’t. Because this is about yourself and what gives you some sense of happiness in your life. So this is what Vicky had to say in what makes herself happy.

“What makes me happy is listening to music. All my life music has always been the one thing in my life that’s always been there. Music has been there either to lighten my mood, break the awkward silence, or to cry for whenever I was feeling depressed. Music is the first thing I listen to in the morning and the last thing I listen to at night. I can literally be in the worst mood ever, even at the times where I feel worthless and I can just play that one song that makes me feel better. Through out those 3-4 minutes it feels like my problems are non existent.”


Reading what she had to say was something I could relate to because music helps through a lot of emotions and can also make emotions, whether it being when you’re sad and for some people music just helps them through their rough times. Or when you’re just in the car or walking, listening to music can get you pumped up or just put you in a better mood. Now being able to get into the part where she gets to tell me about what she loves about herself is so nice because.. I don’t know, but for myself I love reading/hearing what people have to say, especially when it’s them talking positively about themselves.

“What I love about myself is that I don’t let anyone’s insults bring me down. Whenever someone insults me or tries to insult me I just usually try to be optimistic about it. Also I love my curly hair. A lot people would tell me that they wished they could have my hair, and that they would do anything in the book to get it super curly and thick.”


I honestly LOVE that she mentioned her hair because I really love her hair she looks like a lil baby lion and it’s soooo cute I love it a lot. Usually people with curly hair want straight hair and people with straight hair want curly hair, but she doesn’t. She loves and appreciates her hair for what it is and that makes me happy.  I loved being able to learn more about her.

This is Victoria D. Reyes.





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