This is Me; Stephanie. It’s finally come to the point where it’s my own blog. My last blog. Making this blog/website was pretty exciting for me because it actually had a meaning. All of my blog posts we’re different and had a different story. This will prob be my longest post considering I have a lot to say. Honestly I don’t like taking pictures so i’m just going to use pictures that I already have, and they’re all with my girlfriend. If you have trouble telling who is who considering we’re both Stephanie then either read my last blog post or read my about page. Anyways this is how I came out :)) And I guess I don’t really need to use quotes because well i’m talking to you right now.

I’m going to talk about how I came out to my family. I first came out to my cousins step daughter because her and I basically grew up together. I remember she was doing my makeup and I was tried of holding it in so I literally just said it. And thankfully, she accepted me for who I was although she didn’t believe me at first. The next person I came out to was my older brother Robert on his birthday. My brother and I have a really close relationship and I think it’s because he’s gay too. When I saw him he started to cry because i’m his little sister who had the courage to come out at 15 when he came out at 19. He took it so well which made me feel so loved. When it came to my mom she already knew and my sister found out because I was wearing a rainbow bracelet that I have.

Honestly when it had came to my sister I kinda felt really upset and sad because she made me feel a little bit poopy and she really just looked at me as if I was crazy and I was too young to really know what I want. It’s been a while since then and I think she’s just finally accepted me for who I am which i’m very thankful for. But here is for what makes me happy.

Not very many things make me happy. But here’s for the very few things that do. My girlfriend makes me very happy for one, my cats makes me happy and so does music. Ummm oh and Disney movies do too, like Monsters inc and Pinocchio. Disneyland also makes me happy because it’s a place where I can really feel like im 10 again. My girlfriend makes me happy in the sense that whenever i’m with her we can always laugh at the most random things in the world, i’m just really happy with her regardless of how much of a pain she is, regardless of all of the negatives we seem to be going through. Being able to solve and pass it makes me feel good about our relationship. I honestly don’t wanna go into detail with the others because my girlfriend will always be my #1 ❤

I know I probably talk about my girlfriend a lot but honestly I don’t care. She is a big part of my life and she means the world to me. And on top of that this is my blog not yours.. Anyways there’s times where i’m with her and it doesn’t even feel like we’re dating she really just feels like my bestfriend. And lastly; this is what I love about myself.

I won’t lie. (i’m gonna talk about my gf again) Anyways like I was saying, before her and I started dating I hated my body and I hated how I looked and I honestly just hated myself for who I was and I would question myself. But she has made me change my look on that and now I love myself for who I am and my body for how it is. I love my eyebrows.. only when they’re done. I love my personality and the way I look at life. I love that I have an artistic mind and I can look behind the 5 fingers 🙂 I also love that I have a very caring heart although sometimes I can be very rude and mean. Deep down i’m very caring and lovable, i’m sure there is more but this is just on the top of my head.

I hope you enjoyed this post about myself !

This is Stephanie Fonseca.





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