Ali-ze Sancheeses

This is Alize; Alize Sanchez. She is actually someone that I had just met this year and was able to get really close too through out the year. She’s a really fun person to be around if you understand her sarcasm, because if you don’t then you’ll really get booty tickled by the way she speaks to you or to anyone.

I honestly didn’t think that she would’ve wanted to be in my blog, but I think considering I have almost all of my friends in it; it’ll only make sense if I add in the one with the good eyebrows too.¬†Alize is the type of person who no matter what will always be there for her friends, she is definitely someone that I can trust and someone that I can go to for help when I need it. This is what she has to say on what makes her happy.

“We live in a society overflowing with hypocrites. We are taught to teach but not to learn. We underestimate and depreciate those who are capable. We live in a world where gaining power is out ultimate goal. We claim we are everything when really we aren’t. We love to hate but hate to love. We stand up for wrongful individuals just because we idolize them. We trust words more than actions. Yes i’m not perfect because no one is; but what makes me happy is knowing whats the difference from right and wrong .”

I was not expecting a type of response like this. Reading what she had to say is true. So many people especially lost teens have a tendency of believing words and never see the actions. We do live in a world of hypocrites and there are so many people out there who really just want power over everything. And that’s just a really good reason to not get caught up in what society has to say. Because at the end of the day it might only be you. And most of the ignorant people wont matter in a few years. ¬†Now here’s what she loves about herself.

“I love my big boobs. I love that I am aware of all the societal flaws. I’m aware of the racial, gender, etc. injustice. I love that I don’t fear many people and I am willing to stand up for anything and anyone in the right. I refuse to watch any of my friends to get hurt. Because wrongful individuals only talk online but never in person; which is sad because that only shows what kind of person they are.”

Everything about what she needed to say was true. Alize is truly a good person behind her roller coaster of an attitude. But its who she is and that’s what makes her Alize. I loved being able to have almost all of my friends be featured in my blog because I was able to get to know them on a deeper level.

This is Alize Sanchez.