My One & Only

This is Stephanie. She is my lesbo bestfriend. I met her my freshman year in high school in math class; and she happens to also be my girlfriend. Although I know everything about her and we basically have minds all of the time, I want her to answer because… I don’t wanna say something and then be wrong. Stephanie and I have been dating for almost 7 months and through out that time I’ve grown with her as a person. And this is her view of coming out 🙂

“I’ve come out to all of my friends, but I’ll talk about how I came out to my lil group in particular. The first person I came out to was a girl i’m no longer friends with. She knew before I had to say anything, she took it well and was super happy for me. After I told her, I decided to hint to all of my friends about me being a lesbian. Eventually they all found out; I spoke to them all about it. They were also happy for me. They all gave me hugs and told me they accepted me for who I was. It made me super happy, ever since I told them it made our friendship stronger I guess. Since they knew I was a lesbian, I would talk about this one girl in particular all the time. She’s now my girlfriend and we’ve been dating for almost seven months. Oh, they also would call me their lesbian princess which was pretty neat.”

First of all I know you’re going to read this because you’re my biggest fan and you read all my blogs so I just wanna let you know that I should be the only one calling you a princess.. kidding. Or am I? ANYWAYSSSSS I really love this girl and this is honestly going to be my favorite blog because she’s my favorite person. I don’t want to talk much because I want whoever may be reading this to read what she has to say. My girlfriends happiness means a lot to me and it’s my job to keep her happy, so this is what makes her happy (me, its me guys.. me).

“What makes me happy are animals, makeup, and my girlfriend. I really like cats in particular. I enjoy petting their fuzzy furs and playing with them.. even though their scratches hurt. Make up is what makes me the most happiest, along with my girlfriend, but makeup is one of the ways I can be happy. I enjoy painting my face, it’s my war paint. I saved the best part for last, my girlfriend makes me the happiest. I know you can’t depend happiness on someone, but I can’t help it. She brings me a lot of joy into my life. She’s the biggest star in my sky. I love being with her and laughing about stupid shit.”

Okay HONESTLY TRULY when she sent me the responses I only skimmed through them and now that i’m actually reading them as I type it, she’s literally the cutest. I love her so much even if she’s a pain in the butt. Like I said I don’t really want to talk much and i’m glad to read this part because I want her to be able to love herself just like she’s taught me how.

“What I love about myself is that I don’t give a fuck about what anyone has to say about me. I love that I can love my body and not body shame myself. I love that I don’t care about anyone’s opinion about me because it means nothing to me. I love how I do my makeup, I don’t care if I looked caked up or if I have  no makeup. I look good either way. I love how I might be a tough cookie, but i’m actually a sweet person..(sometimes) I love that I love myself and I don’t let anyone bring me down. DUDE IDK I JUST LOVE ME SO MUCH IDC”

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY becaussseee like she’s my girlfriend. She’s my rock. My one & only. I love that she can love and appreciate herself for who she is. But honestly no offense she’s only sweet with me and you really won’t find her being nice to others. And it’s okay because that’s just her personality and you shouldn’t take it personal :)) Anyways I was really happy to finally do this blog and i’m glad she was in it. This blog will always have a special place in my heart ❤

This is Stephanie Rodriguez V.



This is Jacquelyne Leyvas

This is Jacquelyne aka JacqueDreams. She is a 15 year old bisexual; and this is her story.


“I wasn’t being myself; I was unhappy. That’s when I realized my happiness matters too. I sat my sister down first and let her know that this is who I am and this is who I love. Eventually that led into my mom and then my brother in law. When it came to my friends I never really ever brought it to their attention or ever really come out to them. It was more like me being able to show interest in both guys and girls and eventually they had just caught on. Although some did have the balls to just come up to me and ask me straight up and of course my answer would just be yes because I was no longer going to hide who I really am.”

Having to come out is probably one of the hardest things anyone has to go through. People will then have the fear of being judged and no longer liked or being looked at differently just because of who you choose to love which is stupid, but unfortunately this is the way our society works. This then leads me on to your happiness and Jacque had a few things to say about what makes her happy.


“What makes me happy is being able to help others. Whether it just giving advice or being there for someone when they need to vent, being able to provide for others when they don’t have it. It doesn’t matter what it is that i’m helping with, just the fact that they chose me to confide in means a lot when people can trust me and it makes my heart happy.”

Being happy is not only trying to make others happy but its revolved around being able to love yourself and being content with who you are; so lastly I had asked her what she loves about herself and basically what makes her who she is.


“What I love about myself is that I am not judgmental, many people believe that others need to look a certain way and act a certain way. And I personally believe the complete opposite which i’m glad I have. Something else I love about myself is that I’ve learned to not give a fuck about anyone else’s opinion and that’s something that used to bother me a lot; but now I couldn’t care less. These are just two awesome qualities that most people lack in this society, but I’ve learned to strengthen them.”

Although I’ve known her for almost 6 yrs, you’ve now learned a lil bit about Jacque too