Queen Elizabeth III

This is Elizabeth. Just as Tori (she was in my last blog post) I had met and really started talking to her through the MAD Academy. As well as Tori we had a majority of our classes freshman year. I even had 2 other classes with her that were outside of MAD, which were both of my math classes I had before I got out of one of them.

Elizabeth is always cool to be around and she has a contagious laugh where when she laughs super loud you want to laugh at her laugh because its pretty funny. Wow I said laugh a lot in that sentence.. anyways. Last week she had told me that she wanted to be in my blog because she loves the entire meaning behind my blog and what its about. And that was really sweet because I really didn’t think any of my own classmates would actually take the time to read my blog. She was so excited and willing to be in it so here is Elizabeth on what makes her happy.

“What makes me happy is my family and dance. When i’m with my family I can always have a good time with them and just enjoy who is surrounding me. Coming from a mexican family we are really loud!! And with them we always have something to do and we go through everything together; if one of us gets in trouble then we are suddenly all involved and getting in trouble. When it comes to dance, its something that I really can’t explain. It’s just that every time I dance or preform on stage I feel joy and a sense of adrenaline. Or even when I feel sad or mad I remember myself I have dance the next morning. It’s like when I’m dancing I forget about all of my problems and It’s just myself the song and the beat.”

I really enjoyed what she had to say to that because it shows she has a passion and it shows she has something that keeps her calm and at ease. When it comes to me I don’t have much to keep me calm or at ease other than my girlfriend. But I guess I can say music keeps me calm too because it does. Whenever I listen to music its just like I’m in another world and its just my phone, my headphones and myself. This is what Elizabeth loves about herself.

“When my friends have problems or they’re in need of something I always try my best to help them out and put them first before myself. I am very outgoing and I like to try new things, even when there risky. I also love that I’m not embarrassed of who I am and where I come from. Others are embarrassed of who they are but not me, I love my culture and I love my background.”

I loved when she talked about her background because a lot of people are ashamed of where they come from and how they live, but you really shouldn’t be. Anyways Elizabeth I know your’e probably reading this, and I wanted to tell you that I think that you should always put yourself first before anyone else because at the end of the day only you are the one depending on your future not your friends.

This is Elizabeth Vela.



t0ri b0ri

This is Victoria. But everyone calls her Tori for short. I’ve known Tori since my freshman year of High School. Through out Jr High I knew who she was and I had seen her around but we never talked until High School because of the MAD Academy. The MAD Academy has brought a lot of people close and together considering last year I had basically all of my classes with her just as I have now.

All of the times I have talked to Tori she is those types of persons who is very outgoing. She’s the type of girl who is very easy to talk to and you can just have a good time around her because of how sweet and funny she is. Asking her if she was willing to be in my blog she was so laid back about it and she was willing to do it. She didn’t even care she was all about it which was great. Her responses to my questions we’re so sweet too. Here is Tori on what makes her happy 🙂 ps. I also decided to use pictures of her and her boyfriend because hes a big part of her life.

“What makes me happy is having fun. Joking around with my friends and family, being with my boyfriend and making him laugh historically is the best in my eyes. I love making others laugh and smile whenever I say something that just happens to brighten up their day. It makes me happy to see them enjoy my presence.”

I thought that this was really cute because. I am always really happy being able to make my girlfriend laugh or even see her happy in general. So its always nice when you’re able to relate with someone in your class or even just somebody in general. I also love being able to make people laugh because it also makes me feel like that person or the group of people like to have me around. It makes me feel like am the type of person you enjoy to be around. Although a lot of the times i’m pretty quiet. Here is Tori on what she loves about herself.

“I love that throughout the years I’ve become more confident with myself and more outgoing with people. I love how I care for others and only see the good in them. I would really like to thank my mom for making me feel good about myself and being one of the reasons I’ve turned into a better person.”

Honestly, mom’s are a great mobile support. Especially when they always have great advice for you and if you have a great relationship with your mom. I personally only have my mother in my life so having a single parent really means that all I really have is my mom and my two older siblings. I was lucky enough to actually have a good relationship with all three of them. Anyways, I was glad to be able to put Tori in my blog and I hope you were able to learn a little something about her!

This is Victoria (Tori) Badillo.


This is Romeo. He is a junior in high school who happens to be the second guy in my blog and probably my last. I met Romeo through my girlfriend last year around October if I remember correctly. He is a really good guy friend that you could talk about anything to.

I honestly don’t know much about him considering I only speak to him when I’m with my girlfriend, but from what I do know he is always there for his friends and family and he is someone that can be trusted. So through out this blog post I hope to be able to understand him a little bit more and better than I already do now. This is what Romeo had to say on what makes him happy.

“Many things make me happy, but the most important things to me are my family and all of my loved ones. My family is the only thing that I can count on as well as all of my loved ones. Whenever there is some sort of problem, I know that my family and loved ones will always be right there behind me for whenever I need them. I’m truly thankful to have all of them, because if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

I can understand where he is coming from when it comes to him being able to count on his loved ones for support. As in having someone be there for you when you need them the most and just having someone to lean on. There will always be days in life where its just so hard and you need someone to vent to and talk to about what’s happening within that moment. I know I have a small amount of people that I can really trust and vent to about life when I need it the most. Anyways this is What Romeo loves about himself.

“What I love about myself is that I don’t let anything change me. I love who I am as a person, and what I have become as I’ve gotten older. Problems might slow me down here and there, but I am still the same person I was yesterday and the same person I will be tomorrow and the days after that. Nothing will ever change that.”

I like that. I like that he doesn’t let anything or anyone get in his way of doing anything. Because really no one should. No problem or no person should tell you that you can’t. You should always push forward and hopefully never backwards. We’re still young. We still have a long life ahead of us; a life full of adventurous and pain. Mystery and growth. It all depends on us, and how we choose to live it. I like what Romeo had to say. It was cute and I understand who he is a little better than I did before.

This is Romeo Angelo Lopez.


제니 모피 (Jenni-Fur)

This is Jennifer. I’ve known Jennifer since my 8th grade year in Jr High. We met through Avid; but I have never got to know her on a personal level. Truly all I really know is that she is in love with K-Pop and shes addicted to boba. So being able to write about her is going to be really neat

I love being able to get to know people I’ve talked to on a more intimate level. I think the hardest part about having to keep up with a blog is really having a schedule and knowing who will be next. I won’t lie I didn’t really think she would want to be in something like this. But she was happy to be able to do this and I’m happy to be able to know what she has to say on these types of questions I will be asking. Here is what she said on what makes her happy.

“Milk tea is really tasty; and it kind of reminds me of relaxation. Every time I drink it, there’s always a memorable experience or I’m always just relaxing enjoying time with myself or my friends. My sister also makes me happy because we have a lot in common. She’s the middle sister out of the three of us ( I have 2 sisters, both are older ), according to a lot of people we happen to look alike. Also we have a lot in common when it comes to music and our aspirations. Sometimes we will rant about our day and talk about our crushes; since we share the same room it makes it more inventive. My two best friends also make me happy because I have known them for a long time. With us there is no harm or judgement, we are all always honest with each other even if its brutal.”

I thought that it was so cute that she brought up her sister because that’s like they are basically best friends. I can relate to that too just not with my sister but more of with my girlfriend because I tell her everything about my day and how it’ going. There will even be days where I just rant about her because she’s still my crush even though we are dating. Here’s what Jennifer has to say about what she loves about herself

“When I talk about myself I tend to lose track on how long I have been talking but I love that I can always recognize that maybe it’s time for me to stop talking and to start listening. That kind of stuff. I also love that I tend to be a person with patience even if it come to situations that I’m not necessarily fond of. I also love that I am a self motivator because I tend to push through tough situations.”

I can also relate to this because I’m a really patient person and I really don’t know. Maybe when it comes to certain situations I’m not but most of the time I am. I learned more than I thought I would have through out this blog and I’m satisfied.

This is Jennifer Hernandez.


Ali-ze Sancheeses

This is Alize; Alize Sanchez. She is actually someone that I had just met this year and was able to get really close too through out the year. She’s a really fun person to be around if you understand her sarcasm, because if you don’t then you’ll really get booty tickled by the way she speaks to you or to anyone.

I honestly didn’t think that she would’ve wanted to be in my blog, but I think considering I have almost all of my friends in it; it’ll only make sense if I add in the one with the good eyebrows too. Alize is the type of person who no matter what will always be there for her friends, she is definitely someone that I can trust and someone that I can go to for help when I need it. This is what she has to say on what makes her happy.

“We live in a society overflowing with hypocrites. We are taught to teach but not to learn. We underestimate and depreciate those who are capable. We live in a world where gaining power is out ultimate goal. We claim we are everything when really we aren’t. We love to hate but hate to love. We stand up for wrongful individuals just because we idolize them. We trust words more than actions. Yes i’m not perfect because no one is; but what makes me happy is knowing whats the difference from right and wrong .”

I was not expecting a type of response like this. Reading what she had to say is true. So many people especially lost teens have a tendency of believing words and never see the actions. We do live in a world of hypocrites and there are so many people out there who really just want power over everything. And that’s just a really good reason to not get caught up in what society has to say. Because at the end of the day it might only be you. And most of the ignorant people wont matter in a few years.  Now here’s what she loves about herself.

“I love my big boobs. I love that I am aware of all the societal flaws. I’m aware of the racial, gender, etc. injustice. I love that I don’t fear many people and I am willing to stand up for anything and anyone in the right. I refuse to watch any of my friends to get hurt. Because wrongful individuals only talk online but never in person; which is sad because that only shows what kind of person they are.”

Everything about what she needed to say was true. Alize is truly a good person behind her roller coaster of an attitude. But its who she is and that’s what makes her Alize. I loved being able to have almost all of my friends be featured in my blog because I was able to get to know them on a deeper level.

This is Alize Sanchez.


My Ginger Child :))

This is Chloe Ann Kunkle, but I call her Chlo or Ginger. Chloe is someone I’ve known since Jr High and we have been friends since. Unfortunately after our freshman year of High School she had moved away to San Diego and now my friends and I hardly ever see her anymore. That being said, I wanted her to be featured in my blog !

Chloe is honestly the sweetest person ever and she’s someone I believe would never hurt a fly. Through out the time that I’ve known her she’s always been nice to people, even when people have the tendency of not liking her for any reason at all and having it lead to talking behind her back. Chloe is someone who wouldn’t hold a grudge about it and she would let it be for what it is, because honestly no one needs to like you. It’s your life live it how you please. This is what she has to say about what makes her happy.

“What makes me happy would have to be animals, but more specifically dogs. Every time I walk down the street and see a dog it just makes my whole day, same with other animals too. Animals are so cool and unique in their own way; kinda like humans just that their more happy. They don’t seem to have a care in the world and I hope so live like that some day :)”

This was honestly so cute typing up because of what she has to say at the end. Because yes animals do seem to live to carelessly and they’re always so happy, why wouldn’t any person not want to live like that? Everyone is so revolved around the negative that they never focus on the positive. That’s probably why people are always so grouchy all of the time.. But everyone is different and here’s what she said about what she loves about herself.

“What I love most about myself is the confidence that I’ve over built through out the years. I used to dye my hair black, straighten it everyday, be on some type of diet and even buy clothes that I honestly didn’t even like just so that I could be within peoples “standards”. After changing 7 different schools every single year since the 5th grade, I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter what other people think of me because I have so many people in my life surrounding me that love me for who I am and I’m so happy to be able to have what I do!!!”

This would have to be the best thing I’ve heard coming from her. Not caring what others have to say about you is literally so great because you can go ahead and be yourself with out worrying about a thing. It’s so nice being able to have a friend like Chloe. I wish we had more people in the world with her mind set. And I hope I get to see her again soon

This is Chloe Ann Kunkle.

Angel Pineapple ?

This is Angel Pena. Within my friend group; he happens to be the only guy. Which is cool I guess because he’s kinda those guys you can ask for a personal opinion. I’ve known Angel for about a little over a year, but we didn’t ever really start talking till this year. So being able to know a little bit more about him and his personal life will be interesting. He will also be the first guy to be featured in my blog!

Honestly getting responses from him wasn’t easy because he would always forget.. but I finally was able to get his answers. So this is what Angel had to say about what makes him happy.

“What really makes me happy is hanging out with my friends. Being able to be around them basically everyday at school and even out of school when we all can. Although we might get into disagreements every now and then, I know I can count on them to make me laugh and smile by the end of the day.”

Reading what he had to say about what makes him happy was pretty sweet of him, because him and I have had our differences and our arguments. Luckily we have been able to look passed them all. When it comes to my friends I will always be there for them no matter if we haven’t talked in months. I will always defend them and help them with whatever it is that they need. Now… I know Angel has a lot to say about what he loves about himself, so this is what he has to say.

“What I love about myself the most is being able to not hold grudges and stay mad for such a long time. I feel like holding grudges is such a waste of time and why would you want to be upset all of the time when you can just be happy instead.”

Recently these past couple of months I’ve seen different sides of Angel. One of them being his sweet and generous side. And it’s really cute because usually he tries to not show that side because hes a guy but he should, it really shows how he is as a person and what his true colors and personality is. I’ve been able to get to know Angel on a more personal level and he feels a lot closer to me as a friend.

This is Angel Pena.

Lil Baby Lion

This is Victoria Reyes, but all of her friends (including myself) call her Vicky. Before I had even asked Vicky to be in my blog she had told me that she wanted to be in it but the only problem was that she isn’t photogenic. But that didn’t stop me from being able to get cute pics 🙂


Asking Vicky what makes her happy made her realize that the question isn’t as easy as it sounds. It really makes you think. When she told me what made her happy she said that it sounds depressing and sad, but honestly it doesn’t. Because this is about yourself and what gives you some sense of happiness in your life. So this is what Vicky had to say in what makes herself happy.

“What makes me happy is listening to music. All my life music has always been the one thing in my life that’s always been there. Music has been there either to lighten my mood, break the awkward silence, or to cry for whenever I was feeling depressed. Music is the first thing I listen to in the morning and the last thing I listen to at night. I can literally be in the worst mood ever, even at the times where I feel worthless and I can just play that one song that makes me feel better. Through out those 3-4 minutes it feels like my problems are non existent.”


Reading what she had to say was something I could relate to because music helps through a lot of emotions and can also make emotions, whether it being when you’re sad and for some people music just helps them through their rough times. Or when you’re just in the car or walking, listening to music can get you pumped up or just put you in a better mood. Now being able to get into the part where she gets to tell me about what she loves about herself is so nice because.. I don’t know, but for myself I love reading/hearing what people have to say, especially when it’s them talking positively about themselves.

“What I love about myself is that I don’t let anyone’s insults bring me down. Whenever someone insults me or tries to insult me I just usually try to be optimistic about it. Also I love my curly hair. A lot people would tell me that they wished they could have my hair, and that they would do anything in the book to get it super curly and thick.”


I honestly LOVE that she mentioned her hair because I really love her hair she looks like a lil baby lion and it’s soooo cute I love it a lot. Usually people with curly hair want straight hair and people with straight hair want curly hair, but she doesn’t. She loves and appreciates her hair for what it is and that makes me happy.  I loved being able to learn more about her.

This is Victoria D. Reyes.




Who is D.R.S ?

This is Desirae Riana Sanchez, she’s someone I can really trust and someone I can really get a good laugh with. I have really learned a lot about her this year and we happened to get really close over time; but I wanted to figure out who she really is. What makes her Desirae ? There’s always more than what you just see in the pictures.

I’ve had conversations with Desirae before, and those conversations have really opened my eyes on self love. And it’s one of the reasons that made me want to put her in my blog, but we can talk about that after this. For now this is what she has to say on her happiness and what makes her happy.


“I’m happiest when i’m alone by myself.. actually no that sounds depressing, let me rephrase that. I’m happiest when i’m in my own space. I find it hard to be my true self at times with my family or friends and even with myself. So being on my own time gives me some sense of sanity because I dont need to keep things bottled. Although I do love time to myself I also love the thrill of life that gets thrown at me whether its being with friends or family.”

Being around Desirae is always fun so she better have some type of joy being around this beautiful soul.. kidding. or am I? Anyways asking her these questions really gives me excitement because I think that someone talking about what they love about themselves is so nice because it’s like “yessss girllllyy love yourself, no man (or women) needs to be in your life to make you feel beautiful and loved.” I could tell she dreaded answering this question but i’m happy I got something out of her, so this is what Desirae loves about herself.


“What I love about myself is that i’m able to take other peoples feelings and insecurities into consideration; because I know how it feels to be brought down by others and even brought down by myself. I love that I can be there for others and be someones shoulder/support. I’m that person to surprisingly to text you randomly because I notice that you are’t well whether they show it in person or through social media.”

Hearing what she had to say makes me happy but also upset because she doesn’t realize the true beauty that she has within her. And it sucks because this society now and days revolve around the people they see on social media. So girls especially put themselves down just because they don’t have an hour shape glass body. Hopefully one day Desirae will be able to love herself for who she is, because able to accept everything that comes with her because whether she realizes it or not, myself and many other people see the beauty in who she really is. This is Desirae Riana Sanchez.


My Straight Twin Sister

This is Leslie Carbajal, shes 15 and shes not really my twin sister.. we just happen to look alike.


Leslie is one of my good friends and I wanted her to be in my blog so that not only I can know her and understand her better but so can everyone else. At first when I had asked her what makes her happy, she was giving me not as detailed and deep answers; it was more like “my friends make me happy and so does food” but that wasn’t what I was looking for. Then I realized this is her story not mine so I appreciated her for what she had said.

“What makes me happy are all of the little things. As in getting out of the shower and having that fresh feeling or being able to have thought about a nice outfit in my head and once I actually put it on it comes out how I had envisioned it. It’s family that puts a smile on my face, being able to connect and just always being real with each other and not being somebody we aren’t. Even my friends, they make me happy too, even though they are a pain in the ass they’re brutally honest and that’s what I love about them. They know how to make me laugh and whenever i’m with them I always have a good time.”


I’m pretty sure that I’m one of those brutally honest friends, but it’s okay because there isn’t anything wrong with being honest. I rather be really super honest than to lie straight into your face… haha get it straight, something i’m not. I’m dumb.. okay anyways this is what Leslie has to say about what she loves about herself.


“One of the things that I love about myself is my sense of humor, because I feel that I can lift up anyone’s spirit up with the way I joke around. Although I hate it I gotta love it for what it is, and that’s my hair. It’s long and thick and so many people would love to have my hair so even though its a pain in the ass, and I appreciate it for what it is. I’m still learning how to love myself for who I am, but I think something else that I really love about myself is my smile. I think that for someone who’s never had braces my teeth are pretty straight.”

I had just met Leslie my freshman year and I honestly learned some stuff about her. Being able to love yourself is hard, it’s not something that happens over night. But I know she will get there and once it happens it’s such a great feeling. This is Leslie Carbajal :))