Coming to an End..

This is officially my last blog post and its actually really sad. When making it I knew what my goal was and I knew where I was going and how I wanted to do it. I wanted my blog to be a place where I can ask those I knew whether if I knew them very close or I hardly talked to them at all. I wanted my blog to be a place where people can express themselves and hear their story, how ever it may go. I wanted literally just a little bit of everyone. Gays, Bi Sexuals, Straights, Cats, Frogs… you know the list goes on. But anyways yeah. I liked my idea of how I wanted to do it.


For those who were straight I asked them two questions; being “What makes you happy” and “What do you love about yourself” and for those who have come out of the closet “How did you come out” with the exact other two questions. To me those questions were very simple and easy, yet so deep and makes someone really think. People take a lot for granted in life and these little details should really mean everything. Being happy is really something everyone could want, and knowing what makes you happy is a really big key in life; just being able to know what keeps you going on a daily basis. The second question was a lot more meaningful to me because now and days through out this media people wish to be those who they see online. But honestly you are who you are and you should learn to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are because everyone is beautiful in their own way.


I’d like to thank those were in my blog. It means a lot knowing you can open up to me even if it’s just a little bit about the smallest of details. I hope that through out my blog I was able to tell a story even if it was through others. Our world is cruel and sadly it might only get worse. So we just need to live now, with happiness and positive and just love all around because at the end of the day its all about love and how we come together and see things. Life is beautiful and we really do take everything we have for granted because to a lot of people it’s whatever, but it really isn’t ..

I had a fun time making this blog, I enjoyed learning more about these people even if it was just a little bit and I hope those who have read; Enjoyed it all too. Thank you for reading 🙂

-Stephanie Fonseca


Queen Elizabeth III

This is Elizabeth. Just as Tori (she was in my last blog post) I had met and really started talking to her through the MAD Academy. As well as Tori we had a majority of our classes freshman year. I even had 2 other classes with her that were outside of MAD, which were both of my math classes I had before I got out of one of them.

Elizabeth is always cool to be around and she has a contagious laugh where when she laughs super loud you want to laugh at her laugh because its pretty funny. Wow I said laugh a lot in that sentence.. anyways. Last week she had told me that she wanted to be in my blog because she loves the entire meaning behind my blog and what its about. And that was really sweet because I really didn’t think any of my own classmates would actually take the time to read my blog. She was so excited and willing to be in it so here is Elizabeth on what makes her happy.

“What makes me happy is my family and dance. When i’m with my family I can always have a good time with them and just enjoy who is surrounding me. Coming from a mexican family we are really loud!! And with them we always have something to do and we go through everything together; if one of us gets in trouble then we are suddenly all involved and getting in trouble. When it comes to dance, its something that I really can’t explain. It’s just that every time I dance or preform on stage I feel joy and a sense of adrenaline. Or even when I feel sad or mad I remember myself I have dance the next morning. It’s like when I’m dancing I forget about all of my problems and It’s just myself the song and the beat.”

I really enjoyed what she had to say to that because it shows she has a passion and it shows she has something that keeps her calm and at ease. When it comes to me I don’t have much to keep me calm or at ease other than my girlfriend. But I guess I can say music keeps me calm too because it does. Whenever I listen to music its just like I’m in another world and its just my phone, my headphones and myself. This is what Elizabeth loves about herself.

“When my friends have problems or they’re in need of something I always try my best to help them out and put them first before myself. I am very outgoing and I like to try new things, even when there risky. I also love that I’m not embarrassed of who I am and where I come from. Others are embarrassed of who they are but not me, I love my culture and I love my background.”

I loved when she talked about her background because a lot of people are ashamed of where they come from and how they live, but you really shouldn’t be. Anyways Elizabeth I know your’e probably reading this, and I wanted to tell you that I think that you should always put yourself first before anyone else because at the end of the day only you are the one depending on your future not your friends.

This is Elizabeth Vela.


제니 모피 (Jenni-Fur)

This is Jennifer. I’ve known Jennifer since my 8th grade year in Jr High. We met through Avid; but I have never got to know her on a personal level. Truly all I really know is that she is in love with K-Pop and shes addicted to boba. So being able to write about her is going to be really neat

I love being able to get to know people I’ve talked to on a more intimate level. I think the hardest part about having to keep up with a blog is really having a schedule and knowing who will be next. I won’t lie I didn’t really think she would want to be in something like this. But she was happy to be able to do this and I’m happy to be able to know what she has to say on these types of questions I will be asking. Here is what she said on what makes her happy.

“Milk tea is really tasty; and it kind of reminds me of relaxation. Every time I drink it, there’s always a memorable experience or I’m always just relaxing enjoying time with myself or my friends. My sister also makes me happy because we have a lot in common. She’s the middle sister out of the three of us ( I have 2 sisters, both are older ), according to a lot of people we happen to look alike. Also we have a lot in common when it comes to music and our aspirations. Sometimes we will rant about our day and talk about our crushes; since we share the same room it makes it more inventive. My two best friends also make me happy because I have known them for a long time. With us there is no harm or judgement, we are all always honest with each other even if its brutal.”

I thought that it was so cute that she brought up her sister because that’s like they are basically best friends. I can relate to that too just not with my sister but more of with my girlfriend because I tell her everything about my day and how it’ going. There will even be days where I just rant about her because she’s still my crush even though we are dating. Here’s what Jennifer has to say about what she loves about herself

“When I talk about myself I tend to lose track on how long I have been talking but I love that I can always recognize that maybe it’s time for me to stop talking and to start listening. That kind of stuff. I also love that I tend to be a person with patience even if it come to situations that I’m not necessarily fond of. I also love that I am a self motivator because I tend to push through tough situations.”

I can also relate to this because I’m a really patient person and I really don’t know. Maybe when it comes to certain situations I’m not but most of the time I am. I learned more than I thought I would have through out this blog and I’m satisfied.

This is Jennifer Hernandez.