This is Me; Stephanie. It’s finally come to the point where it’s my own blog. My last blog. Making this blog/website was pretty exciting for me because it actually had a meaning. All of my blog posts we’re different and had a different story. This will prob be my longest post considering I have a lot to say. Honestly I don’t like taking pictures so i’m just going to use pictures that I already have, and they’re all with my girlfriend. If you have trouble telling who is who considering we’re both Stephanie then either read my last blog post or read my about page. Anyways this is how I came out :)) And I guess I don’t really need to use quotes because well i’m talking to you right now.

I’m going to talk about how I came out to my family. I first came out to my cousins step daughter because her and I basically grew up together. I remember she was doing my makeup and I was tried of holding it in so I literally just said it. And thankfully, she accepted me for who I was although she didn’t believe me at first. The next person I came out to was my older brother Robert on his birthday. My brother and I have a really close relationship and I think it’s because he’s gay too. When I saw him he started to cry because i’m his little sister who had the courage to come out at 15 when he came out at 19. He took it so well which made me feel so loved. When it came to my mom she already knew and my sister found out because I was wearing a rainbow bracelet that I have.

Honestly when it had came to my sister I kinda felt really upset and sad because she made me feel a little bit poopy and she really just looked at me as if I was crazy and I was too young to really know what I want. It’s been a while since then and I think she’s just finally accepted me for who I am which i’m very thankful for. But here is for what makes me happy.

Not very many things make me happy. But here’s for the very few things that do. My girlfriend makes me very happy for one, my cats makes me happy and so does music. Ummm oh and Disney movies do too, like Monsters inc and Pinocchio. Disneyland also makes me happy because it’s a place where I can really feel like im 10 again. My girlfriend makes me happy in the sense that whenever i’m with her we can always laugh at the most random things in the world, i’m just really happy with her regardless of how much of a pain she is, regardless of all of the negatives we seem to be going through. Being able to solve and pass it makes me feel good about our relationship. I honestly don’t wanna go into detail with the others because my girlfriend will always be my #1 ❤

I know I probably talk about my girlfriend a lot but honestly I don’t care. She is a big part of my life and she means the world to me. And on top of that this is my blog not yours.. Anyways there’s times where i’m with her and it doesn’t even feel like we’re dating she really just feels like my bestfriend. And lastly; this is what I love about myself.

I won’t lie. (i’m gonna talk about my gf again) Anyways like I was saying, before her and I started dating I hated my body and I hated how I looked and I honestly just hated myself for who I was and I would question myself. But she has made me change my look on that and now I love myself for who I am and my body for how it is. I love my eyebrows.. only when they’re done. I love my personality and the way I look at life. I love that I have an artistic mind and I can look behind the 5 fingers 🙂 I also love that I have a very caring heart although sometimes I can be very rude and mean. Deep down i’m very caring and lovable, i’m sure there is more but this is just on the top of my head.

I hope you enjoyed this post about myself !

This is Stephanie Fonseca.





t0ri b0ri

This is Victoria. But everyone calls her Tori for short. I’ve known Tori since my freshman year of High School. Through out Jr High I knew who she was and I had seen her around but we never talked until High School because of the MAD Academy. The MAD Academy has brought a lot of people close and together considering last year I had basically all of my classes with her just as I have now.

All of the times I have talked to Tori she is those types of persons who is very outgoing. She’s the type of girl who is very easy to talk to and you can just have a good time around her because of how sweet and funny she is. Asking her if she was willing to be in my blog she was so laid back about it and she was willing to do it. She didn’t even care she was all about it which was great. Her responses to my questions we’re so sweet too. Here is Tori on what makes her happy 🙂 ps. I also decided to use pictures of her and her boyfriend because hes a big part of her life.

“What makes me happy is having fun. Joking around with my friends and family, being with my boyfriend and making him laugh historically is the best in my eyes. I love making others laugh and smile whenever I say something that just happens to brighten up their day. It makes me happy to see them enjoy my presence.”

I thought that this was really cute because. I am always really happy being able to make my girlfriend laugh or even see her happy in general. So its always nice when you’re able to relate with someone in your class or even just somebody in general. I also love being able to make people laugh because it also makes me feel like that person or the group of people like to have me around. It makes me feel like am the type of person you enjoy to be around. Although a lot of the times i’m pretty quiet. Here is Tori on what she loves about herself.

“I love that throughout the years I’ve become more confident with myself and more outgoing with people. I love how I care for others and only see the good in them. I would really like to thank my mom for making me feel good about myself and being one of the reasons I’ve turned into a better person.”

Honestly, mom’s are a great mobile support. Especially when they always have great advice for you and if you have a great relationship with your mom. I personally only have my mother in my life so having a single parent really means that all I really have is my mom and my two older siblings. I was lucky enough to actually have a good relationship with all three of them. Anyways, I was glad to be able to put Tori in my blog and I hope you were able to learn a little something about her!

This is Victoria (Tori) Badillo.

My Ginger Child :))

This is Chloe Ann Kunkle, but I call her Chlo or Ginger. Chloe is someone I’ve known since Jr High and we have been friends since. Unfortunately after our freshman year of High School she had moved away to San Diego and now my friends and I hardly ever see her anymore. That being said, I wanted her to be featured in my blog !

Chloe is honestly the sweetest person ever and she’s someone I believe would never hurt a fly. Through out the time that I’ve known her she’s always been nice to people, even when people have the tendency of not liking her for any reason at all and having it lead to talking behind her back. Chloe is someone who wouldn’t hold a grudge about it and she would let it be for what it is, because honestly no one needs to like you. It’s your life live it how you please. This is what she has to say about what makes her happy.

“What makes me happy would have to be animals, but more specifically dogs. Every time I walk down the street and see a dog it just makes my whole day, same with other animals too. Animals are so cool and unique in their own way; kinda like humans just that their more happy. They don’t seem to have a care in the world and I hope so live like that some day :)”

This was honestly so cute typing up because of what she has to say at the end. Because yes animals do seem to live to carelessly and they’re always so happy, why wouldn’t any person not want to live like that? Everyone is so revolved around the negative that they never focus on the positive. That’s probably why people are always so grouchy all of the time.. But everyone is different and here’s what she said about what she loves about herself.

“What I love most about myself is the confidence that I’ve over built through out the years. I used to dye my hair black, straighten it everyday, be on some type of diet and even buy clothes that I honestly didn’t even like just so that I could be within peoples “standards”. After changing 7 different schools every single year since the 5th grade, I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter what other people think of me because I have so many people in my life surrounding me that love me for who I am and I’m so happy to be able to have what I do!!!”

This would have to be the best thing I’ve heard coming from her. Not caring what others have to say about you is literally so great because you can go ahead and be yourself with out worrying about a thing. It’s so nice being able to have a friend like Chloe. I wish we had more people in the world with her mind set. And I hope I get to see her again soon

This is Chloe Ann Kunkle.

Lil Baby Lion

This is Victoria Reyes, but all of her friends (including myself) call her Vicky. Before I had even asked Vicky to be in my blog she had told me that she wanted to be in it but the only problem was that she isn’t photogenic. But that didn’t stop me from being able to get cute pics 🙂


Asking Vicky what makes her happy made her realize that the question isn’t as easy as it sounds. It really makes you think. When she told me what made her happy she said that it sounds depressing and sad, but honestly it doesn’t. Because this is about yourself and what gives you some sense of happiness in your life. So this is what Vicky had to say in what makes herself happy.

“What makes me happy is listening to music. All my life music has always been the one thing in my life that’s always been there. Music has been there either to lighten my mood, break the awkward silence, or to cry for whenever I was feeling depressed. Music is the first thing I listen to in the morning and the last thing I listen to at night. I can literally be in the worst mood ever, even at the times where I feel worthless and I can just play that one song that makes me feel better. Through out those 3-4 minutes it feels like my problems are non existent.”


Reading what she had to say was something I could relate to because music helps through a lot of emotions and can also make emotions, whether it being when you’re sad and for some people music just helps them through their rough times. Or when you’re just in the car or walking, listening to music can get you pumped up or just put you in a better mood. Now being able to get into the part where she gets to tell me about what she loves about herself is so nice because.. I don’t know, but for myself I love reading/hearing what people have to say, especially when it’s them talking positively about themselves.

“What I love about myself is that I don’t let anyone’s insults bring me down. Whenever someone insults me or tries to insult me I just usually try to be optimistic about it. Also I love my curly hair. A lot people would tell me that they wished they could have my hair, and that they would do anything in the book to get it super curly and thick.”


I honestly LOVE that she mentioned her hair because I really love her hair she looks like a lil baby lion and it’s soooo cute I love it a lot. Usually people with curly hair want straight hair and people with straight hair want curly hair, but she doesn’t. She loves and appreciates her hair for what it is and that makes me happy.  I loved being able to learn more about her.

This is Victoria D. Reyes.




Who is D.R.S ?

This is Desirae Riana Sanchez, she’s someone I can really trust and someone I can really get a good laugh with. I have really learned a lot about her this year and we happened to get really close over time; but I wanted to figure out who she really is. What makes her Desirae ? There’s always more than what you just see in the pictures.

I’ve had conversations with Desirae before, and those conversations have really opened my eyes on self love. And it’s one of the reasons that made me want to put her in my blog, but we can talk about that after this. For now this is what she has to say on her happiness and what makes her happy.


“I’m happiest when i’m alone by myself.. actually no that sounds depressing, let me rephrase that. I’m happiest when i’m in my own space. I find it hard to be my true self at times with my family or friends and even with myself. So being on my own time gives me some sense of sanity because I dont need to keep things bottled. Although I do love time to myself I also love the thrill of life that gets thrown at me whether its being with friends or family.”

Being around Desirae is always fun so she better have some type of joy being around this beautiful soul.. kidding. or am I? Anyways asking her these questions really gives me excitement because I think that someone talking about what they love about themselves is so nice because it’s like “yessss girllllyy love yourself, no man (or women) needs to be in your life to make you feel beautiful and loved.” I could tell she dreaded answering this question but i’m happy I got something out of her, so this is what Desirae loves about herself.


“What I love about myself is that i’m able to take other peoples feelings and insecurities into consideration; because I know how it feels to be brought down by others and even brought down by myself. I love that I can be there for others and be someones shoulder/support. I’m that person to surprisingly to text you randomly because I notice that you are’t well whether they show it in person or through social media.”

Hearing what she had to say makes me happy but also upset because she doesn’t realize the true beauty that she has within her. And it sucks because this society now and days revolve around the people they see on social media. So girls especially put themselves down just because they don’t have an hour shape glass body. Hopefully one day Desirae will be able to love herself for who she is, because able to accept everything that comes with her because whether she realizes it or not, myself and many other people see the beauty in who she really is. This is Desirae Riana Sanchez.